It would drive you crazy too!

I think I have discovered why I go so crazy on plane rides. I have posted two files. They should be playable in Real Player either in your browser or after you download:

To experience what my recent flight was like, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download one of the above files.
  2. Hit play 100 times for 2 hours.
  3. Listen intently.

** WARNING – Do not be near any loaded firearms while attempting the recreation.

These files are samples of what the Chinese call in-flight entertainment. The problem is (and maybe it was not a problem) it seemed to be on a tape loop. I had to listen to this same damn song for two hours! I think they used to call this brainwashing. Now with all the “Tom’s” DVD stores around, are you telling me they couldn’t find ONE MORE STINKING MP3 TO PLAY? Why, oh why, would you ever think that your customers want to hear the credit music to “Barney Ate a Bug” over and over for two hours??? I know people think I am crazy, but I am a product of my own environment and this would make you crazy too!

Now who is the fool for traveling with ear plugs?

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