The limited number of English speaking channels in Beijing forces me to discover the Discovery Channel, and I am glad I did! “Monster Machines”, “I shouldn’t be alive”, and “Mega Builders” are awesome and definitely keeping me coming back for more.

The most exciting show recently was about the high speed train concept from NY to London that goes under the ocean in 54 minutes. It even takes something like 18 minutes to slow down because it is going so fast. B even said that she would consider living in NY if she could get to London in 54 minutes. I said, “Why not London?”

Even the website itself is cool. If you think FrankieCam is cool, check out SherpaCam!
If you are older than me, then you’re probably thinking, “Duh, there is a Discovery Channel!” If you are younger you are probably saying, “There is a Discovery Channel?”
Check it out dudes. It is awesome.