We-r Are-r Beijing-r Peeps-r!

Frankie getting weighed and ready to go to BJ














We have officially become suburbanites. We made it from Shanghai to Beijing with very few problems, considering, and are adjusting well to life in ShunYi. In fact, of all the complexes that exist out here by the airport, ours seems to be very active. The Beijing accent with additional “r” sounds on the end of every word is not as hard to understand as it might appear. We have successfully made it downtown and back numerous times without getting lost, even if it does take around an hour or more!

Our latest trip on the weekend was of course to the grocery store. The problem is without the requisite 2.5 kids we also do not have the requiste mini-van so getting home at 8:00pm on a Sunday night proved to be a problem when there were no taxis around. No worries, our friendly neighborhood grocer just had his pumpkin van give us a lift. So, 1 bag of dog food, 5 groceries, a step ladder and 2 peeps, piled into a van full of gourds and off we went. They really mean it when they say “Jenny Lou’s” has great service. Thank you!

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