U(sic)GA in China

I must admit I think I have been in China too long when the crazy things I see on the street are just not so crazy anymore.  A baby with a split in his pants?  Enh. Bicycles carrying washing machines?  Seen it.  Live shrimp for dinner?  That is sooo.. 2005.  BUT then I saw the strangest thing of all. 

Georgia‘s Marching Band is coming (has come) to China.  I actually got excited about this.  Today is the 24th (of August) and the sign says the 28th!  "I haven’t missed it", I thought.  I even considered calling my friend Tim (UGA Grad) and raising the white flag long enough to go see the band perform (I was a drum major after all).  Then I realized it is for the 28th OF MAY!!!!  Why is this stupid Georgia sign STILL UP?  Don’t they have something better to advertise?  So, on that point, who went to this?  I can’t imagine the Chinese in western Shanghai on their way home from work on the subway reading this sign and saying, “Yeah, I do need to see the UGA Redcoats Marching Band.  Whatever a redcoat is” (NOTE:  redcoat does not equal green hat).  

I think this was very poor marketing for two reasons.  One, don’t they know all the Chinese went to Tech?  They already knew how to farm (yeah, I know, my sites gonna get blocked for that one).  Two, is the best part of this story.  Look closely at the top of the G and see what field they are marching on.  What’s the good word?

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