WarCraft Car

Ok, I like WarCraft as much as the next UberGeeky Computer Nerd with an
internet connection, but this is too much. The weird part is that I saw
this guy step out of this car with a woman! My wife complained when I had a
blacked out Civic with over-sized exhaust, saying she never would have
wanted to drive around in that and my choice for a sensible clean, no after
market part Accord was a much better car. So, how is this guy getting a
date when his door is the Taruen character he plays online? He even went so
far as to put the guild symbol on the hood! (Please don’t ask me how I
recognize all this, just be thankful I do not have a car in China.)

How the Chinese manage to enjoy the online World of Warcraft version is
beyond me. The internet seems to randomly be available. Sometimes you can
access a page, sometimes you cannot. I would issue a word of warning to
internet companies: this is not a good market for subscription based models.
Especially when their customers can’t make it to the store.

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