Happy Anniversary to us!

Believe it or not, we made it to our 2nd anniversary. So, following the traditional anniversary gift chart means that this year is cotton.

FYI: The link above shows that the Modern gift for the 1st year anniversary is a clock. This is a big no-no in China because the word for clock sounds like the word for death. Never give a clock to the Chinese as a gift. Anyway, B found this wonderful blog where a lady in Portugal named Rosa makes and sells a series of beautiful handmade dolls.

We ordered one doll (#467) from the site. This was B’s present from me and she used her new Singer sewing machine (try finding that in China) to make her own creative creation for myself. The result was “Bob Thingama”. He now sits in front of the webcam sometimes, surfing the web when we are not using it. So if you are lucky you just may see him there. The two new dolls are a great addition and much loved here in Shanghai.

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