China Eastern Plug

Ok, I must say, “I do not like China Eastern”. The planes tend to be old.
I have to take a bus coming and going. The seats are dingy and small. BUT
on my recent trip to Korea I was pleasantly surprised to board a brand new
shining member of the MU fleet. The seats had room and were clean. The
flight attendants looked nice and were color coded according to

The only complaint I had was about one of the new features: power. The
planes now have a power plug located on the back of the seat in front of
you. It is a great idea, and makes you wonder why it took them so long to
think of it. The problem is Chinese power cords do not fit these plugs! A
Chinese plug is sort of a Y without being connected in the middle. This
means that you need the two slanty bits and the straight bit. Neither of
which will fit the above plug found on the new CHINA EASTERN plane.
What idiot made the China plane not accept Chinese power cords?

Must have been an Auburn engineer. (I would have said UGA, but they don’t
know what power is.)

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