El Nido was El Neato

El Nido was El Neato, originally uploaded by beuk.

We have returned from El Hell…er…I mean El Nido. The island of El Nido located at Lat 11°12’15.60″N, Long 119°24’54.60″E (thank you Google Earth) is a grand and glorious vacation resort. My advice to the travelers there:

**Realize that the Miniloc resort (where we stayed) is more then one island and that in order to do ANYTHING, you will have to get on a boat. This means Sunset Drink, does not just mean stumble to the bar. You are going somewhere.

**Swedish Survivor (Expedition Robinson) is being shot in El Nido this year, we have the pictures to prove it!

**Take your malaria medicine!

**The underwater cameras left for you in the room are not too bad! 36meters and it still worked.


Manila was by far the worst part of the trip. Laying on an island in the middle of no where, with a drink in your hand just waiting to decompress so you can dive again was amazing. Fighting the entire Philippine nation in the airport, going through security over 7 times, and wondering what U(sic)GA grad designed the whole thing was a nightmare. Never again. If you go to the islands and go diving, run, DON’T WALK, through Manila! Check out all of our pictures from El Nido on the links at the right.

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