You want a Coke and what?

You want a Coke and what?, originally uploaded by beuk.

Ok, found this on a shelf at the supermarket near our apartment. I have a
few issues with this picture:
1. First off, the shrink wrap seems to be a very hurried job. It does not
look very professional, especially for Coke.
2. Next, the box of unknown alcohol (if you know what it says please tell
me) does not appear to have any markings linking it to Coke in some sort of
co-branding campaign. The only connection seems to be the shrink wrap.
3. Since when does Coke co-market with alcoholic companies?
4. Last, but not least, do you really want to buy a Coke AND a bottle of
some Chinese fire water for 26.5 yuan ($3.27USD)???
Sneaky, sneaky…

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  1. Yeah but look at the label on the Coke bottle. I bet there is no high fructose corn syrup. Just plain sugar. That is what makes Coke so good…even with thte fire water.

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