How to wash a cat (in China)

How to wash a cat (in China), originally uploaded by beuk.

Step 1: Get large plastic paint bucket WITH LID (look in sink in


Step 2: Fill with soapy water (Hot water is a luxury and should not be


Step 3: Shove struggling/screaming/panic stricken cat into bucket

Step 4: Place lid on, making sure to seal it tight. Place heavy item on

top just in case animal attempts to escape.

Step 5: After wash, blow dry animal with vacuum hose. Hose attachment up

to your discretion.

No lie. I really saw this today. It was little weird that the lady was

using the vacuum to DRY the cat. The picture does not do the cat justice.

HE WAS PISSED and swiping and hissing at everything. Let’s just say, he was

NOT happy about having this plastic thing shoved in his face (just try

blowing in a cats face with your mouth). Little did I know, he was the

lucky one… While this white one was getting dry, his buddy, a black and

white one, was trying to pull a Houdini on the plastic bucket he was encased

in. He made much too much noise though. The owners, caught him escaping,

shoved him soaking wet back into the bucket, HAMMERED ON THE LID WITH NO

HOLES IN IT and placed a heavy bowl on top of it to make sure he did not try

it again. I turned to look at the only other customer in the shop and our

eyes both read, “OMG”! I knew the words in Chinese for “This is not right”,

what I did not know is the words for, “HEY [email protected]*$%#! YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO A

CAT”! Needless to say, I left the shop trying to think of how I was going

to explain to my wife why we all of a sudden needed to add a cat to the

family and how my allergies were going to withstand it. There is a happy

ending though. My conscience getting the better of me, I walked back by the

store later in the day and I did see both cats sitting in their cages, very

content and looking very clean. Let’s just hope they don’t get a bath every


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  1. *Conscience*, bro, not “conscious.”

    Also: I was expecting you to tell us that after sealing the cat in this bucket without ventilation, they then proceed to *shake it vigorously.* The evil part of me things this image is hilarous; the rest of me agrees with you that it’s a crime.

    Anyway, I love reading your blog…so much weird crap going on over there. Very interesting. And entertaining. It’s *intertaining.*


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