The Famous Apple Lamp

The Famous Apple Lamp, originally uploaded by beuk.

So are we living in the Big Apple? No, but we have one. This is a touch-on lamp of a green apple. It is

significant in a few ways:

1. B likes Green Apple Martinis

2. We saw it in the store in August and it was still here (can you say, sucker?)

3. It comes from Radio Shack :)

There is a small stall down the street from our house that I call Radio Shack. We get convertors, power

strips, lamps, clocks, etc… From this store. We think we have ordered a convertor for our coffee machine,

but we shall see what happens. However, I was able to tell the guy that I bought this lamp. Come to China

and you will see it, for it is in the guest bedroom!


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