Stock Tip: Don’t buy Huggies in China

This would be weird if I have not seen it a dozen times this week alone.

The lil kids in China do not necessarily wear diapers. They have a crack in

their clothes on their butt, so the poo/pee is free for you and me to see.

This is one of Rebecca’s favorite things to point out as we walk around.

I must admit, it is not as gross as it seems. For example, you do not see

any kids with poo smeared or dirty bums, but just the principle is kinda

weird. My question, is what do the parents do when they pick the kid up and

then the kid poos right on their arm/back of neck/stomach/etc??? It is one

thing to feel a full diaper, it is a whole other to have poo smeared on your

Ann Taylor.


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