Yippie! We may have found a place!

Yippie! We may have found a place!
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After a long day of looking at more then 10 places, I think we may have found one! The number one place is

actually called “One Park Ave”. This was the last place we saw on Monday and one of the few places we saw on

Saturday on our own (scroll down to “One City Plaza” in this blog for a photo of the front). It is so new

that when we went in, there were 5 guys still putting in fixtures. One Park Ave. is actually 10 towers in

phase one with a phase 2 & 3 to follow. We did some quick math and came up with about 1600 apartments in

phase one alone. Our place would be 3BR/2BA with light hardwood floors. It is nowhere near the space we have

in Chicago, but very large compared to what we saw today. Outside there is a very large garden for Frankie to

go to the restroom (as long as he can make it from the elevator). There is also an indoor pool that is

gigantic! One Park ave. is just up the street from some shopping center that is a central landmark and has a

whole host of stores like Starbucks, groceries, Hagen-Daz, California Pizza Kitchen, and a popular western

medicine hospital. Best of all – B can still walk to work, and if I keep my job with Mercury I am SO

close t the office. B says, “Plenty of space for you to visit so make your plans ;)” We are now off

to XinTinDi (ShunTonDee) to grab a much needed drink and a night on the town. The picture has nothing to do

with the place, short of it was taken today while we were looking. I just thought you would enjoy this one

more then some random shot of a window and floor :)


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