Last night we needed a celebratory drink after our
hard day of house hunting. So we went to a famous
nightlife area called “Xintiandi,” which is a
renovated historic center in downtown Shanghai. The
area is full of open air bars and western cafes. Tapas
restaurants, french bistros and coffee houses abound.
Sounds great, right? Mmmmm…no. Beautiful, yes, but
the walking paths were crowed with expats and
tourists, and the food was overpriced and bad. Our
mexican enchiladas were soaked in Indian-esque spices.
The chef came by to enquire about our food, and I
mentioned that it was a little spicy. He replied, Well
that’s because it is Mexican.” Have you been to Mexico
sir? Have you had mole? Subtle spices – yes, fire in
my mouth – no. To top it all off, we afren’t feeling
so great this morning. Better stick to local cafes, I
say. Cheers from B

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