Want a coffee? Better wait till 3:00

So, we were still dealing with jet lag Sunday morning and B could not stay asleep. I managed to contain her until 6:30. Then as a typical American abroad, she went to the perfect breakfast place: Starbucks. Upon arriving B found out that it did not open until 7:30! She then came back to the hotel and returned (determinded now) at 7:40. She knocks, asks the guy, “What time do you open?”. “Uhhh… Sheven Tirty”. “I think it is 7:30”. “Ohh oh… Eight!”. Apparently coffee before work is not as common as tea in the afternoon, but don’t try to eat a meal during tea hour either. At cute lil restaurant we were seated, shown a full menu, and upon ordering told that it was tea time.. No food!

We have much to learn.
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