Shanghai Rules

Clearly, we will need to establish a set of rules for living in Shanghai. Here are the first 3 most important rules we have found on this trip:

1. Turning traffic has the right of way, people do not! – This is very important. In London you look the wrong way to make sure you will not be run over. In Shanghai you look every which way to make sure there is not a turning car, bus, bike, motorcycle, rickshaw, etc… as they have the right of way and if you are not careful you will be smacked. When in doubt, us a local as a shield.

2. Only two free passes to XinTianDi – This area is the expat mecca. They have Mexican (sic) food, German beer, and tons of gift shops. If you are looking for the foreigners you will find them all here. For that fact we will NOT visit this place too many times and only the first two sets of guests that come to visit us will we escort over there. The rest of you guys get cab fare.

3. When shopping in the cheap, knock-off market make sure you bring B. – before we went in search of our DVDs and Watch booty, I wowed B with stories of old where I would bargain in the flea markets for my Mom and get good deals on things. As we enter the market we find a watch dealer who has a book. We point and he says to follow him to this OTHER stall. Reluctantly wary we go and find the “back room” watches. As we continue to peruse, the “good stuff” is broken out and lookouts are posted. As I am surrounded by vendors shoving all quality of watches and calculators in my hand, B wanders off only to return later and ask for 20RMB ($2.50USD). I finally settle on a watch that was originally 460RMB. I get the guy down to 320RMB only to discover that we are not carrying 320 in cash. B comes back from her own adventure and I ask if she thinks it is a good deal, and she says, “No, Give him 200”. We start to walk, and the guy asks how much we have, we shove over 240RMB ($30USD) and a make off with our new Rolex. What happened to the other 20rmb you ask? B nabbed 3 DVDs (Mr & Mrs. Smith, Wedding Crashers, and Stealth – all out in theatres for less then $1USD/ea) The moral of the story? Don’t listen to me. Take B.

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