I still do not understand why everyone and his brother has to bring a suitcase on board!  If the airlines are in such debt, then fire some of the baggage handlers, because surely there are less bags to process off the plane then there used to be.  Why can’t an airline come out with a ruling just saying one carry on only:  purse, laptop, makeup case, but one only! It drives me bananas to see all these people wheeling large suitcases down the aisle and trying to shove the in the overhead.  Never mind that:

  1. They are too big for the overhead.
  2. Only 2 suitcases fit, where 3 seats are.
  3. They do not fit in the sample cage outside in the terminal
  4. Even if people are in Group 5 or ‘C’, they still think they have a chance of getting their baggage on
  5. People act like headless chickens when hey do not see any space near their seat


Unless you are first class or the crew, I do expect you to check your luggage.  All the airlines are trying to reduce their gate time, but do not look to this as the factor.  Until an airline puts a stop to it, the chaos will ensue.  I would think with the added screening at security that people would WANT to check their luggage.  You can do it at the curbside, you can do it at the kiosk.  They even have special people to collect the luggage JUST at the kiosk.  Yet, every grandmother and 2 year old is wheeling a suitcase through security and onto the plane.  Is anyone in that much of a hurry that they can not pick up their luggage at baggage claim?


If the airlines don’t want to stop allowing luggage, maybe security can reduce the size of the hole on the x-ray.  That way people would not be able to fit large suitcases through security and this never be able to board the plane with them.


If someone can explain to me why everyone flying feels it is SO important to slow down security and boarding with their big Samsonite, please let me know.