The Westin Dearfield in Detroit.  I am wondering if they should rename it to the way I misspelled it when I started to type this: Westin Deaffield. 

I have stayed here before, but this morning at breakfast was deafening.  Not from construction, in fact the hotel looks great from its work, no, this morning was from the muzak.  I know we are in motown, but do I need to have blaring saxaphones shoved down my ear drum at 7:30?  I could not think at breakfast.  Just turn it down a little.  Music (muzak especially) does not have to be so LOUD! This issue is especially disconcerting when you consider, I played percussion for 8 years and I think I’m a lil deaf.

I tried to find a comment card to say something to the hotel, but honestly, I don’t think the wait staff could hear what I was asking for.

Please, more eggs runny, less Kenny G.

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