No bed wetting .com

I just heard this on the radio in detroit. I am going to have to check it
out. Apparently, is a true website for a real condition.
My only question is: if you have this problem, do you really want to
navigate to this site? Can you say, “clear the cache”? I knew you could.
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  1. Yes,we are a real site and bedwetting is a real condition. 20 million children/teens as well as adults are bedwetters. We have been treating bedwetting for over 30 years without using drugs. We understand it is the result of an inherited sleep disorder, which is why doctors don’t understand how to successfully resolve this problem. If left untreated, the bedwetter can be left with countless difficulties such as poor acedemic achievement, poor quality sleep, self esteem and social issues. Bedwetters live with fear of discovery. Often they suffer with silence and feelings of shame. Our website offers answers and solutions for every age. Thank you for interest.
    Barbara Moore
    Director of The Enuresis Treatment Center.

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