I have a brilliant idea.  Let’s build a road that runs through all these Californian suburbs and call it the same name.  Except when it crosses towns we’ll change East & West markers everytime… East-west-east-west.. You get the idea.

Now when you have this "simple" road, let’s add a "local" taxi driver who is 20 minutes late and who does not understand his own roads.  Then let’s ask to go just 5 minutes down a straight street  and stir….

Taxi: Sorry I am late.
Me:  390 El Camino and Matilda.   P. F. Changs
Taxi: 390 El Camino?
Me: Yes.
Taxi: Sunnyvale, sir?
Me: Yes.
Taxi: Cross street Matilda?
Me: Yes.
Taxi: It’s a company?
Me: No, a restaurant.  PF Changs
Taxi: and Matilda?
Me: …
Taxi: where is it?
Me:  I don’t know.  I don’t live here.
Taxi: 390 El Camino?
Me: Yes.
Taxi: In Sunnyvale?
Me: …
Me:  there it is.  PF Chang. 
Taxi: Right or left?
Me: right. Right. Right there.
Taxi: You want to go inside?
Me: No, I want to stand outside and get another taxi.
Taxi: Sir?
Me: Yes.
Taxi: Where do I turn?
Me: I have no idea, I don’t live here.

The moral of the story: walk.

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