Oh Goodness, do I hate Southwest. Why? Why? WHY do they try to be so “cute”?

It makes me sick. Can you just give me my cattle car pass and leave me alone?

So far I have heard:

** Attendant singing Zippity-Doo-Dah

** Attendant calling for single women to come forward because there
are 2 guys looking for dates. “Particularly the bald one”

When will this madness end? No telling what crap I will hear on the plane.

** They must have known I was coming aboard, because they kept the
cutesy stuff to a minimum (Earplugs didn’t hurt either). But I did
notice that the first 2 rows on either side were filled with families
with children. What is that about? They get early boarding? So, If I
have a kid I get to sit in the front and be first on first off? What
do I get for NOT having a sugar-induced terror to color all over the
plane, crush every cookie, and release little pockets of gas at a
moments notice?