Delta you Disappoint

WARNING WARNING – This post is extremely ranty! Delta, Delta, Delta… What are we gonna do with you? Let me first say that this is the nicest most non-ranting title I could come up with for this post. Some people have asked why I have not been blogging lately? The reason is my Momma. My […]

This lady is at my gym!

Not that this is supposed to be a YouTube day, but I have been looking for this video for awhile. This is the crazy lil lady AT MY GYM that goes NUTS on the treadmill every day. She is jumping, skipping, dancing, everything all over the mill. Now I am of two minds about this: […]

Rainy day chasing bunnies in the carport

Coming back from breakfast we found the crazy lady walking her bunny. I say crazy because she thinks walking our dog is strange and a lil kid shouldn’t chase rabbits. “Bunnies are very nervous.” Really? Bunnies are very skittish creatures that will bolt when a 1 year old comes running after them? I did not […]

Miss G is starting to walk

I guess we would have to conclude that this is walking. People ask us every day if she is walking yet and we always answer, “No.” We seem to have much higher standards for her ability to walk. Besides pulling yourself up and starting on your own, the biggest requirement for us is not falling […]

New Walking Game, No AC and Hyatt

I have trained Mommy and now the Nanny on Gioia’s new walking game. Basically, stand her up, back up, and she comes 4-5 steps towards you. This was the Nanny’s first shot at it. (NOTE: Nobody does this game quite as well as Daddy, but somebody has to use the camera :) I know it […]

Music and the Move

So, the move to Taiwan did not turn out to be all Guns and Roses (bad pun, sorry. Read on). My 300GB USB disk drive decided it was time to die. Why it could not die BEFORE we moved I will never get a chance to ask it (sob). This was at the same time […]