Asia. Not so weird?

We have been here too long. These things are just not that weird to us anymore: Taiwan.The other day I saw a family of 5 on a scooter. B was shocked. I was like, “What’s the big deal.” In the U.S. you would never see that (not because of laws, because an American family of […]

Delta you Disappoint

WARNING WARNING – This post is extremely ranty! Delta, Delta, Delta… What are we gonna do with you? Let me first say that this is the nicest most non-ranting title I could come up with for this post. Some people have asked why I have not been blogging lately? The reason is my Momma. My […]

Equifax you suck!

“Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” – GREAT! Let me call… Dialing….Ahh, it is ringing… “Our support center hours are 8am to 3pm EST 7 days a week. Please call back during those hours” WHAT THE HELL! You know, no one goes to visit Equifax when they are having a good day. […]

New Walking Game, No AC and Hyatt

I have trained Mommy and now the Nanny on Gioia’s new walking game. Basically, stand her up, back up, and she comes 4-5 steps towards you. This was the Nanny’s first shot at it. (NOTE: Nobody does this game quite as well as Daddy, but somebody has to use the camera :) I know it […]

What did you do this weekend?

From Indonesia I turned 13 months old, visited 2 countries, enjoyed my first boat ride, discovered kerupuk, and learned what a step is.. What did YOU do this weekend? See more here

Oh no you didn’t!

What do you get the kid that has everything for her first birthday? Why a trip to the doctor’s office of course. Since Grandma and Grandpa were here we took the liberty of scheduling dentist appointments for ourself and 1 year visits for MissG (hey! free babysitters). There was some interesting literature to be found, […]