Indian currency abolished

We were having breakfast yesterday and during a break in the conversation, I heard that that the currency had been abolished.  What?  How did I miss this?  I pulled these notes from my wallet.  Due to regular travels, I typically have a lot of reserve currency from past trips.  I thought I was so smart […]

Singapore Airlines – How I love you

I cannot say enough good things about Singapore Airlines (SA). As someone who travels internationally and domestically every month of the year and who owns a passport that looks like a well-loved teddy bear headed off to college, I have seen my fair share of airlines. My recent meetings in Sydney with major retailers and […]

Gratitude or Not My Week?

This has not been my week. It started on Sunday when I thought I was in the clear, but ended up in a fight over dog poop with the missus. With my self-esteem in the toilet I had to* play soccer on Tuesday night only to cost the team the win for a 2-2 tie […]

The Euro

ME: Isn’t the Euro in the toilet now? WIFE: Yeah, why? ME: Just shopping around… Google search… ME: WHAT! 250 Euro is $322 US? WTF! WIFE: What did you expect? ME: I want it to be like $200 US! WIFE: It’s not THAT much in the toilet. (Oh well, guess there goes the trip to […]

Pay-per-Loo Ryanair is now going to charge customers to use the toilet on the plane.  They will take out two toilets and add 6 seats.  That got me thinking: A standard Boeing 737 which Ryan operates each has a capacity of 190 passengers.Add 6 for the new toilets and we get, 196.If each person carries […]


One of the strangest things I am doing now is taking Japanese classes. Not because that in itself is strange, but because my teacher does not speak much English. This means I mostly use Chinese to communicate and ask questions (no-no #1 in learning an Asian language). It actually works out pretty well. I routinely […]