One of the strangest things I am doing now is taking Japanese classes. Not because that in itself is strange, but because my teacher does not speak much English. This means I mostly use Chinese to communicate and ask questions (no-no #1 in learning an Asian language). It actually works out pretty well. I routinely […]

Lan Kwai Fong and who???

My last trip to Hong Kong I had the pleasure of staying this great boutique hotel called Lan Kwai Fong. It was blocks away from our office there. When I arrived they were shooting a movie outside. The staff was excellent and friendly. Overall a wonderful time. Now the reviews online say the rooms are […]

BeukTv is back, but still no G – In the mean time…

Hello all and welcome back! You may have noticed that was down for bit. This is because after Startlogic (our hosting provider) decided to change our server with out telling us and then proceeding to take us offline for basically the month of December, we got a lil upset and have left them more […]

Want some Cow Tit Tea?

So,I am discovering a new problem in my Chinese studies. I routinely run into phrases where I understand all of the words except for a just a few. The problem is I can no longer just ‘ask’ what do those words mean. A good example is yesterday Rebecca was “just dying” for some noodles. So, […]

And we’re here…

Frankie and I have arrived in Chicago safe and sound. I could not sleep well during the fight as I was way to anxious. My seat mate had the exact opposite problem. He went to sleep during take off and 13 hours later woke up when we hit the tarmac (jerk!). Anyway, I thought I […]

Monkeys don’t eat peaches.

what I am learning in Chinese class (translated)… Teacher: “You know, it is that animal that eats peaches.” Me: “What? What animal eats peaches?” “Monkeys.” “What? Did you say monkeys? Monkeys don’t eat peaches.” “What do monkeys eat?” “Bananas.” “China does not have bananas, how do the monkeys eat bananas?” “Well, the U.S. only has […]