I will fear you NOT Easter Bunny!

After the meltdown at the soccer camp with the “lil kickers” bunny. Baby G has bounced back and overcome her fear of men in suits. Her first question, “Why is one hand soft and one hand not soft?”. Why indeed lil G, why indeed.

Work complete

If you have not noticed, I have changed my site a lot.  It has not been difficult, but there is a lot to test when moving from Blogger to WordPress.  In the coming weeks I will make it look more "human" and less template, but for now I'm about 90% there.  If you find a […]

What do YOU see?

Before you think I have gone all perverted, stop. These are actual mascots of events. From top right clockwise: * 1996 Atlanta Olympic mascot “Izzy” * 2008 Spain World Expo * 2010 Shanghai World Expo * 2009 Hong Kong East Asian Games Having lived through and participated in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta I heard […]

SwineFlu takes a break

SwineFlu takes a break Originally uploaded by beuk Whitening sunscreen – check.Umbrella to protect freakishly white skin from sun – check.Mask to protect from swine flu – check. Now, remove mask* and take smoke break because THAT is not going tokill you. One question: How does the swine flu KNOW not to enter yourmouth when […]


One of the strangest things I am doing now is taking Japanese classes. Not because that in itself is strange, but because my teacher does not speak much English. This means I mostly use Chinese to communicate and ask questions (no-no #1 in learning an Asian language). It actually works out pretty well. I routinely […]