Three Schools, Three Days

Thank you again to all the people that donated. I wanted to give you a quick update on how the trip is going.: First, it is a lil hot about 94 degrees. This is a bit harsh when you add in pollution, traffic and bugs. That said, the schools that we are visiting are quite […]

Taipei Cyclists Getting Fined

The news this week reports that Taiwan “has stalled a proposal that would see cyclists in Taipei City fined for carrying passengers or riding at speeds greater than 15kph” NOTE This is for CYCLISTS. NOT the scooter seen here. Some of the offenses include: NT$180 (~$6USD) for failing to install brakes, lights and bells. NT$300-$600 […]

More Polution in Beijing

…and I thought the bugs died from bug spray. Maybe it was because of these guys digging a hole in the street (sorry, the video below is a little bright and for some reason only 1 second long). So, what are they working on so hard that they need to pour black smoke into the […]

In Camelot, it only rains at night

I recently read that it only rains at night in Camelot. This is suggesting that the days are just the most beautiful that they can be. If that is the case, what is happening in Beijing? This morning when I woke up and went outside I was surprised to find a dead bee on the […]

Where is the clean air?

  Recently, some friends of mine came to Beijing. They have heard me complain many a time about the pollution here. However, when they arrived Beijing had just had one of the worst thunderstorms everywhere. Trees and power down all over the city. The good thing about thunderstorms is that it cleans the air for […]

Everybodys working for the weekend!

With a face only a mother could love, who wouldn’t want to come home to this? Well, my lovely wife had a very hard and long week last week. She started on Sunday due to the Chinese New Year, worked until 11pm or later almost every night and stumbled head first into the weekend to […]