ee cummings

Besides being one of my favorite poets, I continue to hear his name every time I listen to 311’s “All Mixed Up”. It has a strange little line in it: You keep me coming, That is a gal that’ll kill dem stunning, woah … The full lyrics can be seen here. I swear when I […]

Wired’s Very Short Stories

Wired Magazine asked writers to produce a story in six words the same way Hemmingway did when he wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Check out the article here and here.My favorites are: We went solar; sun went nova.– Ken MacLeod Don’t marry her. Buy a house.– Stephen R. Donaldson Computer, did we bring […]

Great Wall

as i sit and ponder the great wall,i have to that all?i have seen the world, my life greatly enrichedand now i’m beside some bricks in a ditch?wip… – Jean Toph

Sleeping with socks

Sleeping with socks while snuggly will suck when seducing women. So, when she willingly states why she wants someone who simply wears socks, we should worry. – Beuk (the mad rantings of a bored mind unable to sleep)

A Food Poem

A Food Poem, originally uploaded by beuk.   I love all the fishies in the sea; I love to put them in my belly. My teeth long for things that are sweet; Especially, the style known as petite. But, when I mix them and give them a swirl; It just makes me want to hurl. […]

A thought…

Why is it that people slow of wit, always seem to have their mouth open a bit? ————————– Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld