Olympics = End of Days

You know the world is coming to an end when Posh, Baby, and Scary reunite. I didn’t know England had to scrape the barrel so bad for talent. Why not just turn on the radio for five minutes. Enjoy the Olympics as it might be your last.

What do YOU see?

Before you think I have gone all perverted, stop. These are actual mascots of events. From top right clockwise: * 1996 Atlanta Olympic mascot “Izzy” * 2008 Spain World Expo * 2010 Shanghai World Expo * 2009 Hong Kong East Asian Games Having lived through and participated in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta I heard […]

What Olympics?

I received several emails today stating how great it must be to beable to watch the Olympics in real time, to which my reply is, "WhatOlympics?" I gotta tell you it is not as great as you would think. First offthere are no channels in TAIWAN that are only showing the games.Compare this to the […]

Where is the clean air?

  Recently, some friends of mine came to Beijing. They have heard me complain many a time about the pollution here. However, when they arrived Beijing had just had one of the worst thunderstorms everywhere. Trees and power down all over the city. The good thing about thunderstorms is that it cleans the air for […]

The One True Crappy China

Today there were two stories in the local magazine that I thought I would share: It seems scientists have discovered a new use for panda poop. Paper! They have come up with a way to take panda poop and make it into paper. This is of course to combat Thailand’s methods of taking elephant poop […]

White rice with mice. How Nice!

In this month’s copy of “That’s Beijing” it details some of the ways China is preparing for the Olympics. For all of those who have not “heard” me on how EVERYTHING in China is fake, check this out. Instead of actually looking at ways to make Beijing “greener” by planting trees or cutting down on […]