Asia. Not so weird?

We have been here too long. These things are just not that weird to us anymore: Taiwan.The other day I saw a family of 5 on a scooter. B was shocked. I was like, “What’s the big deal.” In the U.S. you would never see that (not because of laws, because an American family of […]

Interesting definition

Looked up the definition of “Dol” today. Just thought it a little strange: 1. a unit of pain intensity2. (Korean): shout to cut off discriminative thinking3. The administrative agency of the federal government that enforces and administers laws and regulations affecting employees at work. Do you think they planned that?

What language does Australia speak?

WARNING: This post gets a lil crass, so don’t show it to the kiddies. (That means you G, look away). Studying Mandarin in multiple cities has given me an insight into how language shifts from location to location. People may believe they are speaking the same language, but the words are not the same. So, […]

Miss G is starting to walk

I guess we would have to conclude that this is walking. People ask us every day if she is walking yet and we always answer, “No.” We seem to have much higher standards for her ability to walk. Besides pulling yourself up and starting on your own, the biggest requirement for us is not falling […]

New Walking Game, No AC and Hyatt

I have trained Mommy and now the Nanny on Gioia’s new walking game. Basically, stand her up, back up, and she comes 4-5 steps towards you. This was the Nanny’s first shot at it. (NOTE: Nobody does this game quite as well as Daddy, but somebody has to use the camera :) I know it […]

More Bubble Tea

Yeah, what he said… funny enough it is true. I love it. See this post for more!