OMG its plastic!

So, I guess once you have a kiddo there is not much else to talk about, but what the kid does. We just got G a plastic lil car dashboard. I say just got, because we had to wait and make sure Mom approved. It is after all plastic which is a big taboo in […]

Music and the Move

So, the move to Taiwan did not turn out to be all Guns and Roses (bad pun, sorry. Read on). My 300GB USB disk drive decided it was time to die. Why it could not die BEFORE we moved I will never get a chance to ask it (sob). This was at the same time […]

Let me be the first to review

Well, it seems everyone is off in either Vietnam, Thailand, or Guilin OR they are too busy to have dinner with me, so at my wife’s suggestion I went to XinTianDi. I am glad I did as I was able to score a ticket to Spiderman 3 (That is what it says next to the […]

Thai Curry Crab Flavor???

In what world is this flavor ok? Thai… ok… I can take that there is a lot of good thai flavors out there. Curry? well…Indian people love curry so that works. Crab? It is crab season in Shanghai. Maybe they could have a second flavor that is a hairy crab version. I guess this is […]

India Videos on YouTube

If you have not heard of YouTube, you need to! Basically, a flickr-likesite for videos. I have posted several of our videos from so far fromIndia. Check them out. Don’t miss the Tiger Sitdown.

Dosas as big as your head

First breakfast in Bangalore. B orders the dosa. Little did we knowthat you order for the week, not for the meal. This thing was HUGE!Imagine ordering this to go. For the record, I ordered the omelet.