Indian currency abolished

We were having breakfast yesterday and during a break in the conversation, I heard that that the currency had been abolished.  What?  How did I miss this?  I pulled these notes from my wallet.  Due to regular travels, I typically have a lot of reserve currency from past trips.  I thought I was so smart […]

Back in Abu Dhabi

“Here I go again on my own.  Walking down the only road I’ve ever known. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone…” Well, maybe not alone, but I am back in Abu Dhabi for the second time in 12 months. I’m sitting in the same seat where I first met Diana on our […]

That famous Taiwan smile

                            While some people (cough, cough) may think I am a “geek” in this photo, I was proud to pull off a “Taiwan” smile for a picture in (??) India!  Actually, I was just having a lot of fun  posing for the […]

Jack Mansion

We are in India and having a lovely time. Today we met Jack’s parents when we took a trip to Jack Mansion. (We did confirm that there is also a Bonita Mansion, for Jack’s sister.) Gioia danced and we ate some of the best sweets ever! We lost the baby seat, when our driver decided […]

Don’t move me

G’s friends are tagged and ready to avoid being stuffed in boxes. Note: Indian Da Mao is ready for India!


Hot Originally uploaded by beuk I am not one if the ones complaing, but yesterday was hot. The fifthhottest day on record at 39.4C! I figure if we can make it throughthis then we can make it, but I am losing water weight just due tosweat. Maybe we should go to India to cool off?