YouTube YouCrazy!

So,YouTube has a few strange policies that are affecting me a bit. If you haven’t seen my famous Tiger video you need to check it out. Now, for the record, all I did was take the video. I have NOTHING to do with the comment section which is out of hand underneath. There is everything […]

The Tiger and the Chicken

Today was an interesting lesson. It is Friday the 13th and so I was trying to explain how 13 meant unlucky (bu ji li) just like the number 4 means unlucky in Chinese. One thing led to another and we expounded upon many an American and Chinese story that has dual meanings. Examples include: giving […]

As seen on the BBC

Yes ’tis true. We have made the news again! This time on the BBC. Our recent trip to Harbin received some attention when I posted the tigers eating a cow video on YouTube. Here is the link to the story on the BBC that aired on March 21st, 2007: If you have troubles playing […]

New Day, New Map.

Ahhh yes. It is a new day and therefore there must be some new technology out there for me to play with. Today it is the decision of what to do with Flickr. Sometimes I am not sure what it is for. I mean, I post pictures there, but then I can do that on […]


Harbin pics are up and for the record, yes, it was VERY cold. I know in about 3 months I will have warmed up and say, “Oh.. it was not that bad”. That is not true. It was bad! I wore double layers of everything and everything we saw was outside. The Russian Cafe was […]