Little mini $%%$#@ pancakes!!!

So, my parents sent me my first poffertjes pan.  Having grown up eating them every weekend and watching my father tirelessly cook them as well as being a father myself and making my own pancakes, my thought was, “how hard can this be?” Turns out, pretty hard. The first step when making poffertjes is to learn how […]

Singapore Airlines – How I love you

I cannot say enough good things about Singapore Airlines (SA). As someone who travels internationally and domestically every month of the year and who owns a passport that looks like a well-loved teddy bear headed off to college, I have seen my fair share of airlines. My recent meetings in Sydney with major retailers and […]

#2 – Dark & Stormy

This morning I thought about our newly crafted blog here and wondered when the next zufall would befall us. A simple conversation at lunch about AT&T U-verse and switching off Comcast was quickly followed by the AT&T U-verse truck nearly running us over as we crossed the street.  TTC 10 minutes But that was too easy. That […]

Make Soap in a Crockpot

Make Soap in a Crockpot Well there is of course this. Maybe we can find more things that are not destroyed food that can be made in a crock-pot.

gocookyourself: Go Cook Yourself presents… 32 Things To Do With A Bagel Like Paul Giamatti, bagels are doughy, versatile and very, very tasty. Here are thirty-two things you can do with one…