Wheels on the bus

This is video is bull.  We all know a cow would take a “Moo”-ving van. (BTW: that is not his ear, and how does he pay for that phone?) Udderly ridiculous (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

#2 – Dark & Stormy

This morning I thought about our newly crafted blog here and wondered when the next zufall would befall us. A simple conversation at lunch about AT&T U-verse and switching off Comcast was quickly followed by the AT&T U-verse truck nearly running us over as we crossed the street.  TTC 10 minutes But that was too easy. That […]

Mr. Shrimp approves of you eating Mr. Shrimp!

There is something not quite right to me about having your food approve or appear happy about you eating it. I have mentioned this before with Mr. Cow. Now on the street in Taipei, outside KFC, I find Mr. Shrimp lounging in a deep fat fried shrimp ring??? What??? That could be his friend, or […]

YouTube YouCrazy!

So,YouTube has a few strange policies that are affecting me a bit. If you haven’t seen my famous Tiger video you need to check it out. Now, for the record, all I did was take the video. I have NOTHING to do with the comment section which is out of hand underneath. There is everything […]

Sumo Hot Pot, Japan

Not sure if you are going to find this one in the guide books. Amazing lil 3 chef, reservation only, restaurant on a street in Ebisu filled with great restaurants. This is NOT a vegetarian stop. Menu items were: cow tongue, pig intestine and horse nape fat! (the tongue was mouth watering :)

More Bubble Tea

Yeah, what he said… funny enough it is true. I love it. See this post for more!