Fat bunny leaf art

Simple yet elegant leaf art by G. She calls it “Fat Bunny.” I love the detail provided.


Some people smuggle diamonds. Some gold. Me? 小兔子(lil rabbits). Wifey sent me on a quest: “Go get me a rabbit” so here I am in Hong Kong, sweating in my suit in 70F while the locals don scarves and North Face the size of the Stay Puff marshmallow man, hobbling up and down hills in […]

I will fear you NOT Easter Bunny!

After the meltdown at the soccer camp with the “lil kickers” bunny. Baby G has bounced back and overcome her fear of men in suits. Her first question, “Why is one hand soft and one hand not soft?”. Why indeed lil G, why indeed.

Weekend Highs and Lows

Highs: Tech beats NC State Baby G plays soccer G runs real fast in the Leprechaun Leap Facepainting!! Birthday dinner with cousins and sis Lows: Tech loses to Duke Kicker the 6ft bunny scares the crap outta my kid.