WTF Quaker?

This post is a lil dated, but as a parent, I still face it every day. The kid is learning to ride a bike. He specifically states to “don’t let go until I say so” and the Mom enters into a verbal contract by saying, “I won’t!” Then SHE LETS GO! WTF? Are you kidding […]

Ohh Comcast

Ohh Comcast, how you drive me crazy, let me count the ways. Approximately 8 months ago I called Comcast to upgrade my service. My BIL has given me a lot of grief about not having “actual cable”, and as such I requested to upgrade my basic television service to HD. However, that day the *service […]

Fat Bike Season is a comin’

I have seen better versions of this comparison, but here is a good one.  We need enough snow for this to be fun, but here’s hoping:

This bike’s a steal!

I am continually surprised that people do not know how to lock up a bike. Of all the ways you could get this wrong (or at least more right) this has got to be the worst. I almost wanted to just take it apart and leave it for them. Almost.

My Ride to Work

Ride to work from Chris B. on Vimeo. Having a good time playing with my GoPro and more importantly the editor.  It is pretty simple to take some footage and apply it to a template. Actually, makes my ride to work look cool!  Thank goodness there wasn’t an accident this time.

Meet me at the store with the bike!

All three of these are stores in Wicker Park. None of them are LBS’s (local bike shops). I’d love to see the metrics on if a vintage bike in the window increases sales. Then again, it IS Wicker Park. They could just be employee bikes.