We need to pull each other up, not put each other down.

It is interesting to me that these days we are all about putting each other down. Take a moment to search any news source on Twitter and watch the rabbit hole into which you will delve. People hating people and no end in site.  Politics is stuck. Neither side is budging. There is no compromise […]

At least there’s HBO

Deep in Kathmandu in my lil hotel with no AC, I find solace in the fact there is still HBO on TV (and power). #nepal #hbo

End Human Trafficking

https://www.gofundme.com/beuknepal So, I got the Gofundme.com/beuknepal page up, so I am replacing the effect.org one.

…but what do I buy for the baby?

I just posted “So you’re having a baby…” for my expecting friends.  While I gave you good tips on what to READ, I neglected a few items on what to HAVE for the baby.  Trust me when I say this, it is a lot less than you think.  Besides the obvious of your diapers of choice […]